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What We Do

  • Playgroups for young children (5-6 years old)

  • Social Skills Groups (7-8 & 9-10 years old)

  • Pre Teen Social Skills (10-12 years old)

  • Group for Teen Girls and Boys (12-14 & 14-16)

  • UCLA PEERS Program for teens - an evidence – based parent assisted social skills training intervention for  adolescents with Asperger’s or other related exceptionalities

  • PD Day – Science Camps during the school year (5-6, 7-8 & 9 -10 years old)

  • Science Camps (March Break, December Break and Summer Camps)

Who We Service

  • Children, teens, and young adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Non Verbal Language Disorders and other related exceptionalities.

  • Children, teens, and young adults who demonstrate difficulties in areas of communication, socialization, peer relationships and require a structured environment to learn new coping skills.

How We Work

  • We offer a variety of programs, educational information and consultation to families.

Social Skills and Play Groups:

  • Groups are planned and organized according to the level of functioning, strengths, interests and needs of the peer group.  All groups run for 12 consecutive weeks.

  • Families receive regular updates on their child and group meetings are scheduled to review the curriculum, strategies and programs throughout the sessions.

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